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échanges des mail avec Rob du 10 février

Démarré par Laetitia Urbanczyk dans Conférence "what if" de Rob Hopkins BXL - 2020 14 février 2020 12:17

Pour info, les échanges des mail avec Rob jusqu'à présent: ses réponses en italique au travers du texte :-)

Hi. Great to see you having such great 'What If' discussions!! So, here are a few thoughts on your wonderful email....I will put some thoughts in colour below. One important thing for you to know is that I am already booked between the 16th and the 23rd, doing a speaking tour in France with Actes Sud, starting in Arles but going around the country. So it would need to be after that. and April 30th I am giving a talk in Bristol and May 8th I am booked too. So we would need to work around those dates. And I think there are no physical books until around April 18th. 

Hi Rob,

I am Laetitia, a collegue of François at Reseau Transition in Belgium. With Patricia and Sophie, we are constituting a team for organizing a great event for the release of your book « What if » in French around April, in which you are very welcome !

We think it is a great opportunity for inspiring people and gathering energies for imagining what the future could be, together :)

After a little brainstorm, here are the ideas that have emerged.

1) An event in Brussels, co-organized with a local initiative (maybe Jette in transition)

Program (to be designed) :

- Afternoon of workshops around the thematic of « what if » (we need your ideas for this)

- An evening of conference with you as guest star ;-) and maybe other speakers as well (Gauthier Chapelle ? Emeline De Bouver ? … )]]

Sounds great. It would be good to do an afternoon workshop that takes some ideas from the longer course I developed. Something really immersive. My dream, if there were funding available to do it, would be to get Ruth Ben Tovim to come and to do 'Transition Town Anywhere' as a day long workshop with a talk in the evening. I could find out what that might cost. It is a magical thing, and has never yet been run in Belgium. For a workshop it might be nice if there  were a particular local issue or question we could explore.. .see this workshop I did recently.. .  I wonder if there might be the possibility of doing some kind of a workshop for businesses about finding imaginative ways to respond to the climate crisis... learning how to use What If? Could be fun, and impactful... whatever is best of service to you guys really... 

2) The same kind of event in Wallonia, co-organized also with a local initiative (maybe in Liege or Wavre or…)

3) One or two evenings in bookshops where you can present the book and sign autographs,…

(We have already contacted some bookshops and they seem enthusiastic to receiving you !)

Great. I will have been in Liege in March, so perhaps Wavre might be better?  

Cool program, right ?

Before taking any commitment, we would like to discuss this program with you by videoconference, to check your interest and see if and how it fits your agenda. In Belgium, school holidays are from 6 to 17th of April. It might not be the best timing for hosting an event.

The team is really enthusiastic about organizing your Book Tour in Belgium ;-)

We have some availabilities for a videoconference call this Tuesday afternoon (11th) or this Friday (14th). Can one of those moments fit your agenda ?

I am busy all day today and then travelling to Brussels for a talk on Thursday ... perhaps we could chat next week? 

Have a nice day !

Laetitia, Sophie and Patricia for Reseau Transition

Thank you! Very exciting... 

14 février 2020 12:18

Entretemps, je lui ai proposé le 24 au 26 avril ou le 14 au 17 mai, il vérifie avec sa femme et revient vers nous :-)

16 février 2020 14:30

Ok je transmets à JET 


24 février 2020 16:56

Bonjour à tous, 

je suis Sébastien de 1000Bxl en Transition. 

Je découvre vos échanges. C'est une super idée.

Nous avons rencontré récemment Benoit Heillings Echevin écolo du climat de la ville de Bruxelles.

Il serait aussi intéressé par faire venir Rob pour une conférence et pourrait peut être mettre a disposition une salle dans l'hotel de ville (Grande place).

Vous perdriez un peu en mainmise sur l'événement mais je me dit que l'aura médiatique sera encore plus importante.

Dites moi si cela vous intéresse ... que je vois avec l'échevin si les dates concordent.


27 février 2020 13:45

Hello Seb,

Jviens de voir ton message. Cool! Pour le moment on entrevoit sa venue entre le 27 avril et 1er mai (à confirmer).

Demain (vendredi), on a une vidéoconf pour s'organiser entre nous:  Uccle en Transition, Wavre en Transition et le Réseau Transition,  à 9h15.

Appelle-moi si tu veux te joindre à la réflexion :-) 0495210533.

Tu as une idée de la capacité de la salle qui pourrait être mise à disposition? 



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