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Démarré par Laetitia Urbanczyk dans Venue de Rob Hopkins en avril en Belgique pour son livre "Et si..." : on s'organise! 28 février 2020 10:52

Mail du 26 février (questions et réponses dans le même mail)

Hi. Thanks. So my sense is that what matters here is what works best for you. You have me there for a couple of days, and so how might we make sure that that is going to have the best impact for Reseau Transition as possible? How could it raise your profile and get new press interest? I don't mind which venues, small can be more fun, large can have more impact. It might be good, I guess, to also see what Actes Sud think, as part of the idea is promotion of the book. A talk in a library sounds fun, as does the big one. I am happy to take your lead on that... 

To your questions... 

- Is it relevant to organize workshops during week days or shall we focus on evening conferences?

I could do both. Happy to do one day workshop and then an evening talk. I could use a part of the workshop I did in Belgium before Christmas that was based on the book... 

- What topic given the fact that you have already given your conference several times here lately. (You already mentionned the idea of working on a local issue, which could be cool).

I imagine that it would need to reflect the book as that is what we are promoting.. but we could do it as more of a talk/workshop which combines some exercises around a local issue. It  would be odd, I guess, given that we are promoting the book, to stray too far from the book, but it could include more exercises and games and stuff? 

- We can find other speakers if relevant to diversify the content

That could be good... 

- What is your budget / do you ask for a fee ?

Well usually on these trips I charge £2000 a day. But this is a bit different being a promotional thing. Actes Sud may also want me to do particular press things while I am there. So let's see, perhaps a percentage of the ticket sales or something? 

- About "meet the author" in book stores, we have not organized anything yet. We will collaborate with your agent Muriel Fischer for this.

Great. Sounds fine. I know someone who has a bookshop in Brussels, a graphic novel shop, who was very keen that I go there to do a signing.. she is She would love it if we could fit that in. 

Does that help?